"Comprometidos con el desarrollo del área rural de Guatemala"

Credit Products

We are a leader institution in the presentation of rural credit services, our purpose is to finance productive and business activities of small-scale producers who do not have access to credit services, FONDESOL provides  its customers the following products:




Group lending methodology which is composed of 20 people, men and women who have small economic activities in rural areas of Guatemala, who ask for a group loan and completely manage the disbursements and payments through their directorate. FONDESOL trains for the managing of the loan and coordinates with other institutions to give them other social development services as: education, health and others.




Group lending methodology which is composed by men and women who have small percentages of profits in their economic activities and ask for a group loan, management of the disbursements and payments is done by a group manager. The analysis is done individually by measuring payment capacity and capital requirements of their business.



Individual lending methodology  is aimed to entrepreneurs in rural, semi urban and urban areas who have activities in production, business and service areas. The lending amounts are determined by payment capacity and capital requirements of the business.