"Comprometidos con el desarrollo del área rural de Guatemala"

Our principles

  1. Option for people in poverty

In our society there are people with greater financial needs and with limited access to financing, for this reason FONDESOL dedicates its actions to attend these people.

  1. Dignity and equality of the people

Provide access to rural financing, dignifies people regardless of their race, age, gender and religion, based on people’s  rights.

  1. Community

The communities are the focus of relations in which FONDESOL promotes its credit products, so all people can have access to it, according to their abilities and needs.

  1. Rights and Responsabilities

FONDESOL bases its work as responsible financial institution in the “economic rights”, that allows economic development for people within their communities

  1. The common wellness

The common wellness is protected when it preserves and promotes people’s rights, FONDESOL pretends that this common wellness is moved within families who benefit from the institution’s services and the impact within their rural communities

  1. Solidarity

FONDESOL’s solidarity is with people in communities, providing access to financing their economic activities.

  1. Proper use of resources

Proper use of resources of the Institution allows greater efficiency and it is converted into satisfied customers that are growing in number